Openwork Belt Plaque
Period: Second to first century BC
Culture: Eurasian, Northwest China
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 13.3 x 6.6 cm
Openwork Belt Plaque
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Three ibex are depicted standing in a stylised landscape. The composition is symmetrical, with the central animal shown frontally, also with its antlers entwined in the branches of the overhanging tree. The animals' heads are raised in relief and the whole is surrounded by a border made up of tear-shaped motifs. The right edge has two small circular perforations that may have been part of the fastening system. No loops are visible on the reverse. 


Private collection, New York, 1980s.
T. Pang, Treasures of the Eurasian Steppes: Animal Art from 800 BC to 200 AD, New York, 1998, no. 92.