Calyx Krater
Period: Fourth century BC
Culture: Greek, South Italian
Material: Black-glazed terracotta
Dimensions: 40.2 cm H
Calyx Krater
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This black-glazed calyx krater is notable not only for its large scale and superb condition, but also for the fact that it is completely unadorned. It is rare to see a large-scale black glaze vessel of this shape without any additional decoration. Instead, the wonderfully preserved glossy black surface allows the work of the potter to shine, turning the piece into a study in form and proportion. Judging from the shape, our vase most likely came from the region of Campania on the southwestern coast of Italy, a region known throughout history for its love of Greek culture and rich natural resources.


Private Collection, France and Belgium, acquired 1966.
North American art market, 2010.